Snorkeling is easy and fun activity, good for all age. In the family or in a group, it's a great approach, easy and safety to be able to visit the marine world. Alghero is an area with beautiful coasts, with cliffs overlooking the sea, creating many bay for this activity.
For snorkeling I have a collaboration with a diving center of Alghero, which will provide the necessary equipment (mask, snorkel, fins and suit) and boat. The tour is about 2h 30min and offers several routes along the coast, chosen by weather and sea conditions. In addition to panoramic views of the coast, there are two stops, in which relax in the sun and swim in a crystal water.
I also like to combine the practice of snorkeling with the trek. The Snorkel-Trek provides simple trekking with a stop long the cost in some recover bay with mask and snorkel. A complete activity, which allows you to explore the area from several points of view.
If this is your first time, do not hesitate! learn is simple; I will teach the use of equipment in a short time.